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Innovation that makes you move


Pedal reframes the unique value in your company and creates new ways to delight your customers. 

Our Approach



It starts with seeing everything through the not just the eyes, but the heart of the customer.



Next, the magic- we scour for meaning in the discoveries to create insights.



Finally, the insights are converted into reality and the new opportunity takes off.


How we work

Our dream is to take innovation to the streets. That's why we work in 3 primary "gears".



Innovation happens where the innovators are. Our trainings are in a bootcamp format and deliver on equipping your people to outpace the competition. 



A cohort is a group of companies progressing through the innovation process as a peer group- challenging, inspiring, and supporting each other. 



Our team loves to train others, but we love even more diving in the deep end ourselves- taking on challenges and showing the world what your company can do.

The Studio

Coming Soon:
A 2,000 square foot breakthrough zone.


The Team

An uncommon crew to create uncommon outcomes


Jay Morgan - Design Leadership

Jay is both an inspired creative and a disciplined pragmatist. He loves to dive in with customers and uncover the insights that can be converted into new opportunities. Jay has a professional career that has delivered timely growth for a wide range of consumer brands such as Claritin, Aleve, Afrin, Coppertone, Dr. Scholl’s, Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, and Maybelline.


Scott Buchanan - Operations

Scott has an innate curiosity about what drives people, and he loves working with businesses to discover products and experiences that connect deeply with customers and provide sustainable growth. Scott’s experience ranges from international business and marketing of a global brand to helping grow start-ups.


Brad Greene, Ph.D. - Growth Strategy

Brad has a Ph.D. in "how" but is only satisfied when the "how" is aligned with the "why". He is constantly seeing what is next and charting a path to the best future. He has a doctorate in Industrial Engineering, but it’s his 15 years of experience in business and social system design that he draws from to translate vision and mission into a path forward.


Mark McComas - Design Strategy

Mark believes that lightning can be bottled. In other words, he loves to create and implement the tools that consistently unlock breakthroughs for others in the way they see their companies, themselves, and their customers. A designer in several respects, Mark has created tools, workshops, brands, and messages in a variety of industries from consumer products to healthcare.